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Educating the Whole Person

Dear Friends of Carroll College,

It was Bishop Carroll’s dream to create a Catholic college whose central purpose was to provide a thorough liberal education that would equip students with knowledge and virtue for their pursuit of leadership in any vocation. For over 100 years, Carroll College has been fulfilling that dream.

As we look forward to the next 100 years, we are excited about what we can accomplish together to expand upon Bishop Carroll’s vision and honor the tradition of excellence that has defined Carroll College.

We recognize the Carroll experience is about providing a healthy, compassionate, inclusive and academically rigorous environment for our students. To continue to fulfill this promise, we want to grow and evolve. With your involvement we are energized by what lies ahead.

We am also delighted to share with you that a groundswell in 2015 year-end giving resulted in over $4.2 million in fourth-quarter gifts to the college. Find out more about your generosity.

Our hope is that together we can build upon the extraordinary efforts of our predecessors’ unwavering ambition and vision and put our stamp on the Carroll of the future. Join us in our “i’m in” initiative and be part of cultivating a new generation of Carroll students – in mind, body and spirit.


"There has never been a more exciting time to be involved with Carroll College, and there have never been greater opportunities for our supporters to make a difference at the college. By supporting MIND BODY SPIRIT, the Campaign for Carroll College, you can share your own vision for the institution and ensure that the values that have made Carroll College great continue to guide us for generations to come.”
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Thomas J. Walsh, Class of 1981
Chair of the MIND BODY SPIRIT Campaign

Expanding the Mind

with academic facilities that provide interaction, collaboration, and experience with enhancements to the Corette Library, new equine facilities for the college’s rapidly growing Anthrozoology program and continued implementation of modern technology for more engaging inquiry-based learning.

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Students flourish at Carroll College because of the exceptional educational opportunities provided to them. We will continue to reinforce the academic rigor that are the hallmarks of a Carroll education by creating a twenty-first century learning environment, focusing on the following areas.

Corette Library Enhancements

Project Details
Since completing the first phase of the Corette Library project, it has been transformed into a facility that focuses on collaborative learning and research. With new classrooms and small group study rooms, the Corette Library has become the place on campus where students gather to study quietly on their own or in groups, and research issues and ideas utilizing state-of-the-art tools. The next phase of the library project will include:

Anthrozoology Equine Center

Project Details
The Carroll Anthrozoology program is attracting students from all over the country and is the only undergraduate program of its kind in the U.S. Designed for students who have a passion for and want to work directly with animals, the innovative curriculum combines the liberal arts, service learning and hands-on courses, resulting in a rigorous and scholarly education. To meet the needs of this growing program, this campaign will provide:



"Your gift to Carroll College will be a significant step in advancing Carroll’s mission to provide for the expansion of the intellectual, imaginative, and social awareness of its students... and providing for its students the means for their full realization of a dual goal of vocation and enlightenment. We invite you to join us in educating and nurturing the whole person – in MIND, BODY and SPIRIT."

Dannette Sullivan
Chair of the Carroll College Board of Trustees

Develop the Body

with recreational facilities that enrich the physical, emotional and social well-being of students. This campaign will provide a new activity center with recreational and fitness space for students and faculty, multi-purpose spaces and classrooms for students, and an outdoor activity center with storage space for gear and a climbing room for outdoor enthusiasts.

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At Carroll there is an understanding that strong minds are the product of strong bodies and therefore it is the college’s desire to support the physical and social well-being of its students. To assist in the quest for ideal mental and physical health, the college aspires to create state-of-the-art campus facilities that exercise the body as well as the mind, providing a venue to further develop the whole person through recreational fellowship, physical contest and a healthy lifestyle. Providing on-campus facilities complements these opportunities and builds lifelong habits to enrich their lives.

The Hunthausen Activity Center

Project Details
In honor of Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen – Carroll student, professor, coach and president who taught the importance of tending mind, body and spirit – the campaign will provide:


Hunthausen Activity Center Construction Cam

The new Hunthausen Activity Center is coming in Spring 2017! Follow along in the contruction process through our construction cam.


“I know that God lives on Carroll’s campus but maybe it’s more tangible here. Without knowing it, without saying it, without speaking about it, students, faculty and staff are just more aware of that reality. And that’s a great gift. Read more »

Archbishop Raymond G. Hunthausen, Class of 1943

Nurture the Spirit

through spaces for worship and service. This campaign will provide a welcoming and reverent place for the college community to worship together and will include appropriate facilities to support growing campus ministry programs and service activities, and areas that promote personal reflection, prayer and growth in the Holy Spirit.

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Carroll College is privileged to provide for the spiritual needs of the college community. With this honor comes the desire to create sacred and welcoming spaces for our growing liturgical programs to provide students of all faiths the opportunity to explore and nurture their spirituality.

New Campus Chapel

Project Details
By transforming the north wing of St. Charles Hall ("Old North") into a campus chapel with programmatic spaces for campus ministry, Carroll places its spiritual life at the historic center of the campus.

The chapel project will include:



“The interior faith of the students who gather for Mass is profoundly beautiful, joyful and powerful. It is time for Carroll to have an exterior space that is worthy of and can augment their energetic witness of faith.” Read more »

Fr. Marc Lenneman
Chaplain of Carroll College

i’m in!

Tom Walsh “Uncle Dutch has been a guiding light for the entire family. Our family has been blessed with many incredible role models and Dutch has always led the way – I am so very proud to be a part of the MIND BODY SPIRIT Campaign as it honors the Carroll tradition that Dutch was instrumental in creating.” Read more »
Thomas J. Walsh, Class of 1981
Chair of the MIND BODY SPIRIT Campaign

Dr. Earl Heller “No amount of money can compensate Carroll College for all of the benefits bestowed on me as a result of attending Carroll. However, I am making this donation with the intention of honoring those who have worked so hard to make Carroll such a great place of learning. I’m hopeful my gift will encourage others to become donors and that a new chapel will serve as a memorial to those who have dedicated their life to Carroll.”
Dr. Earl Heller, Class of 1958

Sarah Walsh “I am so thrilled to see the Hunthausen Activity Center become a reality - such a treasure on campus. To have it named in honor of my uncle Dutch is a marvelous tribute to his profound contributions to Carroll. He doesn't realize the impact he has had on so many, in so many ways - and that makes this tribute even more special.”
Sarah Walsh, Class of 1993

Gene Sajcich “When I went to Carroll it was a good school. It has done nothing but get better over the years. I still feel part of Carroll and know it can only continue to excel with support from alumni and friends.”
Gene Sajcich, Class of 1958

Ann Marie Byrd “Carroll College holds a very special place in my heart. I was inspired to hear that over 300 students gather each Sunday to celebrate mass - a true reflection of Carroll’s faithful leadership. The MIND BODY SPIRIT Campaign to build a new Chapel will be an incredible gift to this community. Carroll prepared us for life and taught us to be faithful servants by sharing our gifts with others. Please join me in supporting this campaign, as we continue to engage students in the celebration of their Catholic faith.”
Ann Marie Byrd, class of 1989

Dr. Jeremy Johnson "Plans for major enhancements to the Corette Library are an integral component of the MIND portion of the Campaign for Carroll College. This is an exciting time for academics and the library. We hope you will consider contributing to help develop quality facilities and resources to attract and retain students at Carroll College." Read more »
Jeremy B. Johnson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and International Relations

Brian Bartle “I participated in the MIND BODY SPIRIT Campaign as the programs are quite important to the growth of Carroll, both for the current student body to enjoy, and for recruiting future students. Carroll is an amazing place, and I feel blessed to be in a position to contribute to the continued success of the College. I specifically chose the Hunthausen Activity Center as I felt it would make the biggest impact to the majority of students on campus. It is a facility that makes me want to come back to Carroll as a student again, and I look forward to seeing it completed. Go Saints!”
Brian Bartle, class of 2000

Chase Ferrell “I chose Carroll because it offers me great opportunities in the classroom and access to the beautiful Montana outdoors. As a part of our Carroll family we are asking you to give any amount you can afford to help us reach our goal. I hope you will join me in participating in this important project for the current and future students of Carroll College.” Read more »
Chase Ferrell, class of 2017
2015-16 ASCC Student Body President

Dr. Charlotte Jones “The transformational gift (from Roy and Frances Simperman establishing the Simperman Learning Commons in the Corette Library) has brought us closer to our campaign goals, and we are excited to better serve our students through enhancements to the library.” Read more »
Dr. Charlotte Jones, PhD
Professor, Communication Studies Department

“As alumni of Carroll and members of the Helena community since 1970, we feel blessed to be able to contribute to Carroll. Carroll helped us grow in mind, body and spirit and know the value of maturity in these areas. Because our faith is important to us, we chose to donate to the chapel fund. Students need a place for private prayer and community worship to center themselves away from the pressure and distractions both on and off campus. The chapel also gives the Helena community a place to worship on campus.”
Lou and Renee Dumas, Classes of 1973 and 1974

“Wendy and I are very happy to support the mission of spirituality on the Carroll College campus. Carroll is a great place to help students grow in their faith. The new chapel will be a beautiful place to worship God and be in community together with other believers.”
Tom, Class of 1975, and Wendy Downey

Mind Body Spirit

Our “i’m in” initiative asks our extended family of alumni, donors and friends to become a part of Carroll’s exciting future by giving to the MIND BODY SPIRIT campaign and sharing the excitement with classmates, colleagues and friends. We hope you will consider helping us continue to build a tradition of excellence at Carroll College through your gift to the campaign.

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