Mind Body Spirit - I'm In!


The faith on Carroll’s campus is vibrantly alive! In my experience as a priest and as the chaplain at Carroll, I can confidently say that any time God wishes to establish something of true importance, He builds the interior before He builds the exterior. For many years now, the interior faith of our students, faculty, staff, and administration has been preparing the college for the moment when we could provide a fitting space that will augment the joyful expression of spirituality that vivifies this campus.

Now is the right moment for this great work to be accomplished. We’re profoundly grateful for your support. First and foremost we ask for your support spiritually. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us in our decisions as we construct this house of worship. And if you are able to help financially, know that your contribution will go to something that will honor God and help the faith lives of students at Carroll for generations to come.


Fr. Marc Lenneman
Chaplain and Director of Campus Ministry

P.S. We are close to reaching our goal and your support is important. Please join us in our "i'm in" initiative and be part of cultivating a new generation of Carroll students - in mind, body and spirit.

Learn more at http://mindbodyspirit.carroll.edu.